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What is titanium jewelry

Titanium jewelry is popular in recent years as a new-style jewelry which as its main material with titanium. Titanium jewelry loves for consumer with its lightness, not rusted, non-allergic, bright appearance and health.

Titanium was found in the late of the 18th century. The German chemist M.H. Klaproth discovered the element titanium in 1795, and named it after the Titan, the son of the earth in Greek mythology.

In ancient Greece, Titan's spirit is synonymous with "perseverance to forge ahead". It was named after Titan to indicate that titanium has a natural strength. As its name, Titanium (Ti) is a kind of extraordinary metals which was heroic.

Titanium is very light, bright, strong, but very tough and corrosion resistant. Strong corrosives aqua regia can swallow silver and gold, but it is helpless to titanium. Soak the titanium in aqua regia for several years; it is still bright and brilliant. So, Titanium can keep its own natural color in the normal condition.

The melting point of titanium is above 1668. Because of its stable in all directions, titanium is a "Space metal" which is commonly used in aviation and military precise parts. No matter high polishing, milling or matting, the primary color of titanium silver-gray has very good effect, and it also has high stability. Other than platinum and gold, titanium was regarded as the best metal for manufacturing jewelry in jewelry industry.

As a new-style jewelry material, titanium jewelry has some fine properties different from other metals.

1. Titanium is of light weight. Its proportion is only 4.51, and has good effect in manufacturing necklace and earring.

2. Anti-corrosion. Titanium is easy to reacts with oxygen and form oxide coating on the surface, but it's stable in most environments.
3. Anti-irritability. Titanium has anti-irritability, unlike copper or other metals which make the person produces allergy easily. It won't bring about skin allergy or other undesirable phenomenon, even if it contacts with human body for a long time. For now, titanium has been widely applied in medicine.

4. Titanium Jewelry can change color. It can change different color with the help of their very nature.

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What Is Titanium Jewelry

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This article was published on 2010/11/09