"titanium Ring" Effect A Doctor: There Is No Scientific Basis For The Only One's Mind

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Several hundred dollars of titanium jewelry business information that can treat cervical disease and regulate the body current, the experts pointed out that the metal does not have this function; orthopedic surgeon, also known as the medical profession did not mention this; psychologists are simply indicate that this is only a psychological hint only.

A similar string of decorations, known as titanium added, to relieve cervical pain?? That the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the so-called "titanium ring", a several hundred dollars, made of 15 grams of pure titanium necklace, market price close to 2,000 yuan each. For business hype of the product has a "magic" effects, although the high net worth, but still attract a lot of consumers, titanium metal is really amazing effect it?

Concerned about the "Titanium Ring" with radiation?

Small Chongqing in July of this year bought the first "Titanium Ring": "It was heard that can ease neck pain. Wearing a night, the next day clear up the neck muscles feel relaxed, less pain a. "

"Amazing!" Little Yu immediately excited strongly recommend this to friends and family products. Parents also feel that people are wearing a "do have some effect."

Recent small Chongqing not wearing. She said some time ago, a television station reported that the Affiliated Hospital of Wuhan University, an expert said in an interview: If something useful on the human body, then this thing could have radioactive. Experts doubt that such words startled her into a small Chongqing quickly pick up the phone, tell friends and family for the time being not to wear.

Worn the same "Titanium Ring" little promise, but to no avail. Xu is a company of small white-collar, long front of the computer work, the neck often feel uncomfortable, to see friends around the titanium ring, he felt very fashionable, I heard that can relieve cervical pain, so immediately bought one. But wearing for months, cervical pain is not significantly alleviate the problems. He felt: "In fact, on a rope, not much effect, estimated to be psychological, the letter there, do not believe there was no bar, no scientific basis, others said after wearing good results, try buy themselves."

Many people think, "Titanium Ring" and not business people say that's so "magical", but some people think, anyway, try buy, can not function as decoration.

Trick finger Dai Dai "Titanium Ring" effort multiplier?

Clues provided under the small Chongqing, the reporter went to a mall in West within Lianqian "titanium ring" counter. Sales staff told reporters that "Titanium Ring" from Japan, wear around her neck, adjustable body electronic structure, can effectively relax muscles and reduce fatigue.

According to sales guidance, press the index finger and middle finger straight and close together, bring a bottle of about 1.25 liters of water, pause, then lower. After the sales staff mentioned in the press put on the fingers of water "Titanium Ring" to indicate the same way journalists repeat once again: "Is there some sense of the second light?" When the reporter replied there is no difference between the two feelings, this salespeople to break news, "heart to remember the weight of" feeling once again, the effect can be felt instantly. But until the journalists had not felt tired and his hands are apparently different.

Reporters of suspected psychological effects. Sales staff told reporters, "Titanium Ring" has entered the market two years in Xiamen, if it is purely psychological, it is impossible that so many customers come to buy.

She said: "'titanium ring' principle is very simple, only supporting the current regulating body, relieve neck pain, no chemical composition, will not enter the body, there is so far from side-effects, and the 'titanium ring' can also be radiation. Many sports stars have used this product, as well as product patent. "

Reporter found that the patent only patents, and product positioning for the health of the decorations, for the treatment of functional departments are not relevant certificate of authenticity.

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"titanium Ring" Effect A Doctor: There Is No Scientific Basis For The Only One's Mind

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"titanium Ring" Effect A Doctor: There Is No Scientific Basis For The Only One's Mind

This article was published on 2010/08/19