How to Make Thousands of Gold From WoW Titanium Ore

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How to make thousands of gold from WoW Titanium Ore.

If you have ever played World of Warcraft and spent any time in a capital city you have heard the many requests for WoW titanium ore or WoW titanium bars. You may have even caught yourself wondering "What is titanium ore in WoW?"

Titanium is the highest mine-able mineral currently in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion pack for World of Warcraft. It takes a mining skill of 450 to mine titanium veins, and you must remember that it is a random spawn from any saronite nodes normal location. It is a very rare, valuable, ore type and is becoming much more valuable very soon.

Why is titanium becoming more valuable? Currently, as of patch 3.1 titanium ore is used only to create titanium bars, which is then used for a small handful of recipes that very few players can even create. However, effective patch 3.2 titanium ore will be used by jewel crafters in order to acquire epic quality gems which all players will be able to use in their equipped items. This has already increased the price of titanium slightly and will only continue to make it much more expensive as the patch comes nearer to release and even after release of patch 3.2. Currently, on many servers titanium ore is selling for over 50 gold for 5! That's 200 gold per stack!

Now that you know just how valuable titanium is, and will be you may be wondering exactly where you can find it. I farm it very frequently and have found the best places to to be:

1. Icecrown - Fly in a circle around the outer cliff walls as well as the cliffs surrounding Ymirheim.
2. Sholazar Basin - Fly in a circle around the outer cliff face of the zone as well as the five pillars in the zone.
3. Wintergrasp - Ride along the lake beds in the central part of the zone as well as the cliff facings around the life and fire elemental areas.

Hopefully by following these techniques and familiarizing yourself a little more, you can now begin making thousands of gold from WoW titanium ore like so many other players have. Best of luck and happy farming!

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How to Make Thousands of Gold From WoW Titanium Ore

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This article was published on 2010/03/30