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HC WIRE: rather the introduction of DuPont, nor domestic polluters?
Dongying item was approved because the existing titanium dioxide than domestic manufacturers more environmentally friendly. But the concept of sustainable development has been an increasing depth in China, DuPont project production process, pollutant emissions and dealing with compliance with the future direction of domestic and foreign experts, considerable controversy exists

2007 12 20, this newspaper published the DuPont Titanium project in Dongying national counterparts questioned the report was subsequently received multiple feedback, thus beginning a three-week follow-up investigation.

Previously, domestic counterparts questioned the focus of the project is mainly chosen by DuPont Dongying raw materials and waste management could seriously pollute the environment.

Titanium dioxide and sulfuric acid are currently two kinds of chloride production process, DuPont, the company adopts international advanced widespread use of chlorination, but the raw materials used are unique?? Titanium content of about 60% of low-grade mine. "This kind of ore in the production of chlorine consumed more, produce more toxic waste 'ferric' and so on." The only chlorination process of domestic firms, Deputy General Manager Liu Jinzhou Ferroalloy river of Southern Weekend reporter who had previously received said.

Low-grade raw materials more environmentally friendly?
2007 12 24, DuPont has made a declaration to this: the use of low-grade uranium ore source material than the first generation reproduction of the two-step high-grade ore faster and more energy, more environmentally friendly. "Most high-grade ore comes from the smelting of low grade ore, a process that is consuming more electricity, water and other energy." DuPont Titanium Technologies Project Manager Dr. Gu Xuqing January 8, 2008 accept the Southern Weekend reporter interviews conducted a more detailed explanation, "DuPont is the energy from the entire production process to consider."

As for generating more "ferric chloride", etc., DuPont believes that strict perfusion to deep into is "very safe" to the press shows the simulated waste deep diffusion map: a thousand years later proliferation has not more than 3 km. "This means that a million years without polluting ground water three kilometers away to meet EPA standards." Guxu Qing said, "In fact, dozens of kilometers Dongying no groundwater resources."

He told Southern Weekend that the optimum titanium dioxide is a suitable site in the geological conditions containing 60% titanium content of ilmenite as raw material, using chloride infusion plus underground disposal of liquid waste, this is the key unique technology, others because they did not grasp the process and do not have the safety of the underground geological conditions of perfusion can not be used.

For DuPont to say, two U.S. top five manufacturers of titanium dioxide and Tronox Huntsman companies declined to comment on. Southern Weekend reporter has contacted the American Chemical Society and the Environment Council, did not get a clear answer.

But received by the European Union's Joint Research Centre Department report showed that: At least in Europe, chloride and sulfuric acid there are different aspects of environmental hazards, not who is more environmentally friendly. Chlorination can save energy, reduce waste, but waste than the waste sulfuric acid more toxic.

And January 21, 2008, recommended by the Tennessee Environmental Council, a long-term interest of the United States and Canada, DuPont joint iron and steel trade union expert, Mr. Keith accepted an interview with Southern Weekend said: "The use of high-grade precision titanium slag and rutile, cost 1000 U.S. dollars per 2000 pounds, DuPont low grade ilmenite chlorination process used only 200 U.S. dollars per 2000 pounds, In addition, sulfuric acid will not bring chlorine pollution, and other laws of the United States by chlorination chlorine dioxide plant pollution also less than DuPont. "

, Of course, compared to domestic titanium dioxide manufacturer, DuPont projects more environmentally friendly. DuPont data provided is 30% lower energy consumption, solid waste low-level, and that this will promote industry upgrading, reducing the overall impact on the environment. According to DuPont said an expert involved in the EIA said in the meeting: "I would rather the introduction of DuPont, nor domestic polluters."

Deep perfusion reasonable? Another focus for the environmental challenge
? The waste deep underground perfusion, the two projects involved in the geological evaluation of experts confirmed that disposal technologies.

Xue Yu group is Hydrogeology Department of Earth Sciences Research Professor, January 17, 2007, he accepted an interview with Southern Weekend, said: "Well perfusion isolation layer is much higher than the drinking water salinity brine, not drinking, and if the leak occurred forecasts can also be the buffer. "structural geologist Nanjing Lu Hua Fu confirmed that there is no fault of the land, to achieve the EPA" one thousand years without metastasis "requirements. "China's waste more and more, nearly half of the ground is polluted, we must try to deal with the fourth volume of waste." Xue Yu Kwan said that this is also the SEPA project as a demonstration project that reason.
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Dupont Titanium Project In Dongying Longer Concerned About The Big Controversy Emissions - Dupont,

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