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HC coating Network News: From starting the year 2010, the titanium dioxide market changes greatly exceeded expectations, there is no state in the traditional sense of the off-season, prices are rising, 1-April 1-2 times monthly price adjustment, the adjustment for each 200 - 500 yuan / ton, the cumulative increase of anatase 800-1200 yuan / ton, Rutile Type total increase 1000-1500 yuan / ton, and the situation has been presented in short supply. Into May, prices stabilize, and in some areas, the price was down some state enterprise, part of anatase titanium dioxide prices 200-300 yuan / ton down slightly, the overall stability of rutile titanium dioxide, individual enterprises, 100 -200 yuan down slightly.

A, influential factors 1, the downstream market demand China Economy Overall the good, fast-growing consumption, the project construction requirements are not reduced, greatly increased the demand on titanium dioxide; global economic recovery was, on the one hand greatly stimulated domestic Titanium Dioxide Export 1-April state of the overall export growth was rapid. On the other hand, large foreign Titanium Dioxide Enterprise products in short supply, but also keep price increases, DuPont , Krusty and other price adjustment has been an unprecedented two times, each increase in 100-200 dollars (euros), forcing many large companies to increase Import Alternative pace. Allegedly Nippon 30% of companies had two goals: production increased by 30% localization rate of 30% titanium dioxide.

2, bulk raw material prices to promote
From late January, sulfuric acid into the rising price channel, from 150-250 yuan / ton rising. To April to 450-600 yuan / ton, 18-month high, from mid-April sulfuric acid prices began to fall gradually, to early May to 300-500 yuan / ton level, and regional price differences in the expansion East the lowest price, highest price in North China and Southwest China. Sulfuric acid price movements to a large degree of influence the price of titanium dioxide.

As the increase in production capacity caused by Titanium Titanium (Java) demand greatly enhance and stimulate the titanium prices rise. From the beginning to early May has been 80-150 yuan / ton increase. Moreover, titanium prices will continue to rise.

Average speaking, need 4 tons of sulfuric acid per tonne of titanium dioxide and 2.5 tons of titanium, so the price of mixed sulfuric acid and titanium to make titanium dioxide price fluctuations into the state.

3, environmental protection, increased energy costs pushed up prices of titanium dioxide
2, titanium dioxide price trend forecast
1, with the constant release of new capacity, titanium dioxide, rendering the whole state of oversupply

2, the relative shortage of titanium will be constrained to some extent the increase in titanium dioxide production, and will continue to increase the cost of titanium dioxide

3, sulfuric acid price movements will be about the price of titanium dioxide. If sulfuric acid prices fall further, the price of titanium dioxide certainly plummeted; if the sulfuric acid price increases will substantially push up the price of titanium dioxide. Sulfuric acid in a certain period of time estimated the price will drop slightly, but not fluctuations.

View of the above reasons, we believe that 5-June titanium dioxide prices to be relatively stable or even decline slightly. If there are no major sulfuric acid price fluctuations, since titanium dioxide prices in July remained stable in general will see the fall.
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2010 5-7 Month Trend Analysis And Forecasting Titanium Dioxide - Titanium Dioxide - The Coatings

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2010 5-7 Month Trend Analysis And Forecasting Titanium Dioxide - Titanium Dioxide - The Coatings

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